Production with Advanced Technology…

The most advanced technology offered by the industry is used in our farm. Thanks to the donors we attach to the feet of our cows, the milking at which stall and the amount of milk given by each milking cow are tracked individually. In addition, the conductivity of milk and the number of steps taken by the cow during the day are also recorded.

If a cow is not feeling well, the number of steps decreases, the amount of milk she gives may decrease or the consistency of the milk may change. Daily controls of all these data allow us to intervene early against our cows getting sick.

In addition, each of our cows is weighed 3 times a day. These data are checked daily and maximum effort is made to ensure that our cows live in health and well-being and thanks to all these technologies, only necessary animals are intervened without disturbing the peace of the cows and their daily routines.