Efficient production-Happy cows

All 48 of us work every day for the happiness and health of our cows. This effort is our secret behind the efficiency of our cows.

If cows don't want to give milk, there is no way to get that milk from them. The most important factor in the milking process, which is called the cow's "release" of milk, is a stress-free environment. As a matter of fact, as soon as our cows are milked, their udders are cleaned one by one and massaged first. Then, the front milking is taken manually and the milking apparatus is attached afterwards. The milking apparatus milks by imitating the suction of a calf. Afterwards, the udders are treated with a liquid that has skin care properties and protects them against microbes at the same time, and the animals return to their barns.

Milking house = Cleaning. Fully automatic CIP system washes all milk lines after milking. By this way, it is ensured that the milk coming out of our farm is 4 times cleaner than the EU criteria. This is the result of our understanding of quality.

All the animals in our farm are recorded as detailed as the people cared for in a hospital. All treatments, drug doses, physical examination results (good or bad) are recorded. By this way, it is possible to monitor the milk that is expressed and sold retrospectively.