Our cows don't just give milk. Defecation is also part of the job. Cows will defecate as long as they eat feed. This is nature's law. The management of manure in such a large facility is very important. Lack of management makes the job of every unit in the farm impossible. For this reason, manure management is the most important part of our facility management. We use the fertilizers we collect in summer and winter after composting in spring and autumn. Manure, which we see as black gold, is beneficially reintroduced to nature.

Our animals don't just produce meat and milk. There is also a large amount of fertilizer production. It turns our manure into compost in our fertilizer center and uses this fertilizer for production in our fields. We enrich the soil with a nature-friendly system.


The prıce of 50 kg sack is 400 TL.