Fermented sausage, which has a very rooted structure in Turkish culture, is prepared by our butcher in a special way with natural methods. Especially with the beginning of the autumn season, butcher sausage products are among the meat products that enter almost every home. Fermented sausage, which allows flavors such as salt, garlic, hot and spice to meet with meat; it creates a distinctive flavor on the grill, in the pan, in omelets, on the barbeque or in a toast.

Butcher's sausage, which is seen as one of the favorite meat products by adults, is a healthy, satisfying and enjoyable choice especially for children. Especially since eggs with sausage are one of the indispensable tastes of our country at breakfast, choosing butcher sausage is a more accurate result in this respect.

A unique flavor can be obtained in the sausage content, especially by adjusting the fat ratio correctly and adding garlic and spices in their full consistency. In this way, it makes a greater contribution to the appetite with the sound it makes in the pan, the image and smell it creates. For this reason, our butcher sausage product can be preferred especially by families with children for healthy and enjoyable consumption.

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