Because; We, as Feyz Farm Family, do not sell milk that we do not drink ourselves or that we do not allow our children to drink during production.

Fertilizer Production

We produce our own manure from the feces of our animals.

Feed Production

In its production, feed is produced from seeds that are not genetically modified (non-GMO).

Happy Cows

The welfare of animals is protected; homeopathic treatment methods are applied, calves can drink breast milk.

Natural milk is the milk produced from animals fed with forage crops grown without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides and raised without the use of synthetic chemicals, hormones, and GMO products, taking into account animal welfare. Organic milk is the result of organic animal production, which is made, monitored, inspected and certified in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Law No. 5262 published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the "Regulation on the Principles and Implementation of Organic Agriculture".



Regardless of which plant product is grown with organic farming method;

Nothing containing pesticides such as any synthetic chemical fertilizers, insecticides, depilatory can be used in the production lands.

In organic agriculture, instead of obtaining maximum efficiency from the field, as in conventional agriculture, it is aimed to protect the environmental values, to transfer the production lands to the future in an unpolluted, non-deserted manner, and to eliminate the risks that threaten human health in the products grown on these lands.

The natural nutrients in the soil are transported to the crops.

The same production philosophy also applies to organic animal production. For example, in some conventional productions, in order to get maximum milk yield from a cow, feeding that does not comply with the nature of the animal, excessive use of antibiotics in case of diseases, curing the animal, increasing milk and meat production with hormones, and not considering animal welfare are prohibited by laws in organic livestock practices. Instead of getting maximum efficiency from an animal, organic livestock takes into consideration both the health and welfare of that animal and the health of the person who will consume the milk produced by that animal. For this reason, it is legally obligatory to feed and care for animals in accordance with their natural conditions. At the same time, it is legally obligatory to use preventive medicine practices to prevent the animal from getting sick instead of treating the animal after it is sick.

Organic milk produced as a result of these practices suitable for the natural structure of the animal;

has no pesticide residue,
mold free (aflatoxin),
does not contain GMOs at any stage of its production,
its feeding values are higher than conventional milk,
the total number of bacteria is well below the limits set by the law,
animal welfare and preventive medicine taken into consideration,
antibiotic and hormone free,
is a healthy and reliable product.

Like all organic products on the market, organic milk also bears the organic logo of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Any uncontrolled product and production cannot carry this certificate. Conscious consumers should definitely pay attention to this logo on the product they buy. Any non-certified product cannot carry the organic character.

The use of synthetic chemical additives in any organic dairy product produced with an organic certificate is prohibited by law and related regulations. Certification and control bodies monitor, inspect and certify production.