Frankfurter Sausage

Beef Frankfurter Sausage, a feast of taste and favorite of all age groups, will have the property of a real fulfill one's longing for our guests who have tasted this delicacy on the spot.

Beef Frankfurter Sausage is one of the favorite types of sausage for a quick and delicious meal. You can cook Frankfurter Sausage in the pan, on the grill or on the barbeque, as a whole or by slicing it into the thickness you want.

You can prefer Frankfurter Sausage, which is very popular with sauces such as mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup, in sandwich bread, to enjoy a delicious and healthy fast food at home.

If you want to cook your sausages in a pan, you can add some butter and olive oil to the heated pan and cook them on low-medium heat until the outsides are fried. If you wish, by adding a tablespoon of tomato paste to your heated oil; you can also get a more aromatic and moist flavor. If you want to barbeque your sausages; you can fry it in a hot barbeque for about 4-5 minutes with a frying tong until it fries on all sides. You can also choose to boil your Frankfurter Sausage in water for a lighter meal or when preparing sausage for the kids.

It is smoked in oak shavings.
It does not contain gluten.
We recommend that this sausage, which is prepared in the intestines of lamb, is consumed unpeeled so that it does not lose its flavor.

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