From Our Farm to your Tables

As Feyz Farm Family, we do not sell any product that we do not consume.


Kasap Sucuk

Beef Sausage

Our Beef Sausage in its Most Natural and Delicious Form

Frankfurter Sosis

Frankfurter Sausage

Our Frankfurter Sausage, Favorite of All Age Groups

Barbekü Sosis

Barbecue Sausage

Our Barbecue Sausage From Fresh Beef, Prepared for Grilling and Blended with Special Spices

Çiğ Süt

Raw milk

Our Raw Milk That We Have Produced Above European Union Quality Standards

Naturel Sızma Zeytinyağı

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The immense harmony of the ancient land and the high knowledge of Feyz Farm.

Dana Kıyma

Ground Beef

From our farm to your tables; ground beef

Dana Kuşbaşı

Veal Cubes

From our farm to your tables; Veal cubes

Our Story

Our farm was established in 2009 in Bursa Karacabey by the Solakoğlu Family. The person responsible for production is Sencer Solakoğlu. Financial management is carried out by his wife Ayça Solakoğlu. With the start of our agricultural production activities in 2012, today with a total of 2000 head of livestock; it is continued to produce milk, fermented butcher sausage, frankfurter sausage and barbecue sausage.